Social media platforms have become a necessity nowadays. You can easily share or exchange ideas, information, products and services globally and easily through social media sites. More than billions of people use social media and the number is increasing day by day. These sites are used for personal and professional use so that you can make your product and services popular. 

There are a variety of social media sites available equipped with a number of features which helps to connect with the audience locally and worldwide. The sites with a lot of active users can help gain more traffic. The business can create a social media mix intended for its target. They are a noteworthy asset for both small and large organisations. 

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Some Popular Social Media Sites  

These are some of the most popular social media sites that are commonly used by everyone. 


One of the most popular social media platforms or sites is facebook which was established in 2004. It has more than 2 billion active users daily. It tends to be one of the most helpful and consequent ways to make your product and service popular. The app is updated with a lot of features and the visitor can directly talk to the business owner and get the discussion done. 


Another popular social media platform is Youtube. People are more interested in watching and hearing rather than reading and going through pictures. It is even a good option to increase sales. You can choose youtube ads so that the visitor can click on it and go to the website to get the products and services. The platform provides you analytics and helps to foster interaction between users. 


One of the best social media sites that has huge emphasis which is usually used by influencers is instagram. Millions of people are active on instagram and the number is even increasing day by day. This social media platform was launched in 2010 and later on it was purchased by Facebook. It also provides advertising options to promote your business through which you can target your audience.   


It is the best social media platform for professional networking. The platform was launched in 2003 and has over 700 million active users. The posts you find here have professionalism and they are made to attain the right audience. It is especially advantageous for B2B business and is relevant for job seekers who are experienced in a particular field.   

The list also includes many more other platforms providing you an option to make your product or services popular among the audience. It even helps you gain an interested audience easily. By advertising the website and providing your link on the ads you can promote your product and receive a good amount of visitors.  

Social Media Sites 2022