When you have a website and want to boost it’s visibility and traffic then image submission is a great idea. Images speak more than texts, attracting people towards it. Uploading high-quality images boost the content and attract people towards it. You get quality do-follow backlinks with the help of this image submission site. 

By sharing your images or infographics on these high DA PA sites will help you get an abundance of quality do-follow backlinks. When you upload or share an image or infographic to these sites then it is called image submission or sharing. It is simply a process of sharing your site’s image on different image submission sites that helps you interact with people and boost traffic. 

How is Image Submission Good for SEO?

Image submission is necessary as it crawls and indexes any website’s image into search engines. It is even known as image SEO as the images don’t get crawled or indexed by itself. Therefore you need to optimize an alt tag on it so that it gets crawled and indexed. Once the image gets indexed, it starts reflecting on the search engine and increases traffic to your blog or website.  

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It is an important part of SEO. This off-page technique makes it easier to increase the ranking of the website. It is an easy way to promote your website or brand among people. The technique helps product promotion in the digital world. One thing to keep in mind is to select an image with a definition that describes your product or service.  

How to Upload Image on Image Sharing Sites 

Here is the procedure to upload images or infographics on the sites. 

  • Sign up / register with a valid ID on the site. 
  • Upload relevant images with relevant text on the site. 
  • Add title and description on those images. 
  • Add some related tags to the images. 
  • Choose the right category to upload the image.
  • Insert link if you get the option or else put the description. 
  • Use the profile creation option if you get it. 
  • Once everything is done your image is uploaded.   

Factors to Keep in Mind while doing Image Submission

These are some of the major SEO factors that you should keep in mind while doing image submission. 

  • Always use the correct file format.
  • Make use of alternate text.
  • Do proper image optimization.
  • Make use of the right image. 
  • Give an effective image description.  

Benefits of Image Submission

Here are the top benefits of image submission sites. 

  • It helps in getting quality backlinks for your website. 
  • It even helps you gain good traffic on the website. 
  • You get more business exposure through image sharing sites. 
  • It plays a significant role in content marketing. 
  • Image submission sites help increase domain authority of the website. 
  • It provides you with great link building strategies. 

 Image Submission Sites 2022