PDF Submission Sites List 2022

While you are looking for creating backlinks for your webpage in the form of PDF submission, then here we have a list for you. After document submission sites, pdf submission is now more prominent for users. PDF allows you to share documents such as magazines, brochures and articles with original graphic appearances. There are certain PDF sharing sites which help in attracting higher traffic. It is one of the effective off-page SEO techniques. 

What Does PDF Submission Means?

PDF submission is an off-page strategy which helps you in backlinking the website. You can increase the visibility of your site by doing this. It is said that PDF submission is a crucial process. The submission allows you to submit PDF to several sites. 

By this process you can improve running on search engines like Google. The PDFs are featured with engaging content before you submit it. The submission attains maximum outfit for your website. You just need to follow the right steps to submit it. 

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How to Do PDF Submission

The very first thing is that you need meaningful content. You can make it in MS word file. You should also ensure that your content contains relevant keywords through which you can get traffic on your site. Also divide your content into several headings and subheadings. 

After doing everything perfectly convert the MS file into PDF format. Once it is done successfully you can submit it on the submission site and easily upload it. 

Benefits of PDF Submission Sites

There are a number of benefits of PDF submission. 

  • It improves the ranking of your pages. 
  • It provides better engagement and traffic to your website.
  • PDF submission is a better way to improve your organic traffic. 
  • It provides faster indexing by people. 
  • It provides flexibility to your content including images. 
  • It provides an ease of adding affiliate links to the article. 

PDF Submission Tips to Follow

Here are some of the tips that are required while PDF submission.

  • You need to ensure that your PDF file is in readable format so that it is easily readable by different search engines. 
  • Always remember to add Alt text to your PDF if it carries images or graphics or else the search engine will fail to understand it. 
  • The title should be interesting and catchy, it should be relevant and completely match the content.
  • The purpose is getting more backlinks but you should not spam the website by making more and more links. 
  • Many sites allow you to add tags for increasing the visibility and if you also get those sites then do utilise them.   

PDF Submission Sites 2022

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