Search engine submission sites are an effective way of generating traffic on the web. Google is one of the most used search engines where you can scroll thousands of websites and pages. Search engine submission is the method of submitting a website directly to google to increase its promotion. It is a process of social marketing that is used to increase the ranking of the website. 

Techniques for Search Engine Submission

There are different techniques used for search engine submission from which the two important ones are crawling and indexing.


Google crawls the internet to discover reliable and relevant pages and includes it in the databases. Most of the results found on the internet come from databases rather than from the internet. Searching becomes faster when Google’s database fetches the results. 

The sites help users to get access to the related pages whenever users make such a query. The process of crawling is carried out by Google crawlers whose job is to find new pages and get required information about them. 


The next step after crawling is indexing. It starts immediately once crawling is done. In indexing the crawled pages are indexed and included in Google’s database. Once the web page has been visited by Google crawler and is analysed, it is indexed too. 

Indexing is simply a listing of crawled websites in the database of Google that is the most used search engine submission websites. It is the gathering of content that is found during the crawling process. If you find any page on an indexing list then it means that Google has indexed the page. 

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Ranking of a Webpage

You may have seen that many pages rank higher on the SERP, but have you ever wondered how it works? Every indexed page rank on search engine result pages but the only thing which makes them rank higher is the amount of information and the sort of relevant information present on your page. 

Your sites get higher on SERPs if they have niche related web pages. The organic backlinks earned by each web page are the votes for your website which helps it to rank higher. If your web page ranks top then it is due to the number of organic backlinks which you have created for your webpage. 

Benefits of Search Engine Submission Sites

  • The sites help you build valuable and relevant do-follow backlinks for your website or blog. 
  • They help you generate a good amount of traffic for your web page. 
  • The sites help you spread business awareness among the users on the internet. 
  • They give more exposure to your web page and degenerate leads. 
  • They help you advertise your products and services without the cost of a penny. 

How to Do Search Engine Submission?

  • The first step is to choose a free website from the list of search engine submission sites. 
  • Pick a website and create an account on it. 
  • Once you create the account, submit a blog or website link to those sites. 
  • You are done. You need to follow the same process with other websites too. 

Search Engine Submission Sites