You may have certain questions related to your niche and you might be finding some relevant answers to it. So, there are some websites which help you learn something new and interesting. You can visit the site and type your question or query where you will get the desired answer. You can also submit your own answer there if you know something interesting and feel that it is worth sharing. 

These sites are always overfilled with high-volume organic traffic. They are immensely useful to boost the traffic of your website as when the readers find your answer relevant and helpful, they would like to visit your website through the link which you have submitted there. These sites also give an option to the visitor to like, vote and share your answers.     

You can use the Question and Answers site once you have enough posts on your website so that people can be directed to your websites from these Q and A sites. They are one of the better options to get direct traffic to your website and get backlink at the same time. 

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What Exactly Q and A Sites Are?  

Question and Response or Question and Answer websites are an off-page SEO technique which helps you get huge traffic the same as you work on link building like article submission and profile formation. These sites bring more organic traffic to the web pages. When you obtain a backlink from top Q&A pages, it allows you to get improved market brand recognition. The sites also allow you to interact with other bloggers and industry people to share information.  

How to Use a Q and A List

You should know the procedure of the Question and Answer Website to use it more conveniently. 

  • Sign up for any pages mentioned in the Q and A section. 
  • You can even make a new account by entering username, email and password.
  • Either you can use gmail, twitter or facebook accounts to sign in. 
  • Once you sign up, complete the account verification process by clicking the link sent to your email. 
  • Check username and fill your profile with information such as first name, last name and website url. 
  • You can also access forums on Q and A page that tends to be important for your niche. 
  • Once you are done with this you can find and publish Q and A on those sites. 

Advantages of Question and Answer Sites    

There are certain advantages of these Q and A sites and they are listed below. 

  • It improves organic search traffic. 
  • It also improves keyword organic rank. 
  • It increases domain rating and authority.
  • It helps you get direct traffic on the website.
  • It helps in website branding and promotion. 
  • It helps you get leads and subscriptions. 
  • The site even helps in indexing.
  • It increases the number of referring domains. 

Points to Keep in Mind while Answering on Sites

Here is how you need to answer on Q and A websites.

  • You must check all the specific details while answering the questions. 
  • Always pick the relevant niche to get a higher traffic.
  • You should use quality content as your CTR, ranking and subscription depends on the quality of content. 
  • Use interesting and relevant titles to make your answer look more impressive.
  • Don’t add too many links to the answer. 
  • Add relevant images to your answer if allowed. 

Question and Answer Websites

Here is the list of some most popular Q and A websites.