Video submission is one of the most effective methods to generate traffic and drive leads to get quality backlinks. Along with backlinks good brand awareness can be created with the help of video submission. It is a fact that videos attract more rather than content and pictures as people are too lazy to read them. Therefore video is a good option for better online marketing. 

Digital marketers and bloggers use YouTube for video submission to make their content popular. Nowadays video marketing is not an option but it has become a necessity. It is said that 70% of online traffic is derived from video. As every website owner wishes to rank their site higher on Google, this remains one of the most effective methods.    

Types of Videos for Higher Engagement Ratio

With the help of higher resolution videos you will get higher traffic. You can create different types of good quality and attractive videos for your submissions. It can be any informative video or something that predicts a product review. Here are some of the popular types of videos which help you acquire higher engagement on social media.  

  • Interviewing an expert in your chosen domain
  • Product review videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Solution offering videos
  • Panel discussion on a trending or controversial topic. 

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How Do Video Submission Work

Before going for video submission on sites you should know some guidelines and also how you should work on it. 

  • Always work on short videos, don’t make your videos too long as they take away the viewers.  
  • Web owners and bloggers can help you get a good marketing strategy if you do it on high PR video submission sites. 
  • Staying active on social media sites regularly can help your site get more attention as you can drop a backlink there and also get an opportunity to communicate with others. 
  • Always make use of high ranking keywords in video title and description.
  • Give a suitable description with a bit of information to your video. 
  • Make sure the video is embedded and don’t forget to tag videos of related niche.   

Benefits of Video Submission

This best SEO traffic generating tool for generating traffic and web ranking for blogs and websites. Choosing sites having high DA, PA and Alexa rank is highly advantageous. 

  • Firstly it helps you build high authoritative backlinks for your website.  
  • It is one of the best off-page SEO techniques to boost traffic.
  • As videos get viral easily they can acquire quality backlinks. 
  • People share videos to family and friends if they like it which helps to increase the domain authority. 
  • Quality videos trend faster and help you get relevant traffic. 
  • Videos are more engaging and interesting and yet it attracts people to stay there. 

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