Blog commenting is the relationship between bloggers, blogs and blog readers. It provides traffic benefits and relevant SEO. It is a way to exchange thoughts, ideas and opinions about what people think and feel about a particular topic. You can make your blog popular and attract higher traffic with the help of blog commenting. 

It is one of the effective off-page SEO techniques providing your sites relevant backlink. It is basically a process where most of the web pages help you include your website’s link through comments and this commenting process is known as blog commenting. 

Blog Commenting Types

The blog administrator follows two different processes of blog commenting. 


The automated method provides instant approval to your blog commenting. You make use of different tools to publish comments on auto approved websites. For this you require a list of sites that approve the comment instantly. They don’t need any kind of manual moderation.   

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These are high-quality and natural backlinks which are beneficial for your website. As you are publishing the comment on actual content you will surely get the approval once the moderator goes through it. Manual blog commenting even helps in generating high traffic. 

Benefits of Blog Commenting

There are several advantages of blog commenting. 


Top sites assist creating relevant do-follow backlinks, whereas some sites do not pass on the link juice to your sites. Creating do-follow backlinks provides higher authority and traffic to your site. Here you will get some of the website links which will help you get relevant traffic and online presence socially.  

Higher Traffic

Another advantage of blog commenting is that it provides more traffic. When you post a highly relevant content, it attracts the reader and compels him to visit your website. By clicking on the comment the reader will go to your website and thus it will provide a higher traffic to your blog. Therefore blog commenting is immensely helpful.  

Better Exposure

By publishing meaningful comments on blog commenting sites of your niche you can experience a better exposure. Your comment includes your website’s link and it is circulated to a wide set of audience. When your comment gets approval from the moderator, it makes your website popular among the audience.    

Connection with Top Influencers

While choosing high DA blog commenting sites to post your comments you get connected to some of the top influencers. By posting relevant comments you will get replies from the top influencers which helps you stay connected with them. So the only thing is to choose the websites with high DA. 

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Choose a post related to your niche. 
  • Register the real details while commenting. 
  • It is necessary to study the blog post before you start posting the comment.
  • Post an appropriate comment related to the topic. 
  • Try to comment as early as possible. 
  • Keep following the blogs and commenting on it. 

Blog Commenting Sites