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Tekblink Technology was established back in 2013 and has been providing SEO services since then.

The SEO expert panel have experience in the said field of more than 5 years with constant update in their knowledge they try their best to give efficient and user friendly ideas for your website. We have long-term clients who are really pleased with our work.

Trusted by over 56+ clients

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Proven SEO Results By Tekblink Technology

KeywordClientSearchesCompeititonPositionWebsite Traffic
Wholesale Sarees 8100 High 1 121,852
Surat Sarees 8100 High 1 1,21,852
wholesale kurtis 4,400 High 1 1,21,852
Wholesale sarees 8100 High 2 33,383
Air curtain 6.1K High 1 23,778
Hand dryer 5.8K High 1 23,778
Sensor tap 4.2K High 1 23,778
Ceramic coating 22,200 High 1 20000
Soap Dispenser 18,100 High 1 23,778
Gym Wear for men 12100 High 1 57,953
Gym Tshirt for men 4400 High 1 57,953
pakistani suits wholesale 1,300 medium 1 33,383


Year Experience

Tekblink office 3

Our SEO Services in Pune

To get higher organic ranks. The only reason we want you to hire us is the belief we have in ourselves of giving you the guaranteed results. We not only keep up with constant changes of algorithms but we even analyze competitors' strategies to give you the best.

We brainstorm on every project we get so we can understand our clients, their expectations, their products/services and come up with every feasible strategy for them to achieve their goals.

Our every project is thoroughly checked by the project manager and our CEO to achieve the said result and goals

What all SEO Services we offer in Pune. As Seo Expert.

On Page SEO

ON-page seo optimization is all about helping you get a higher rank on search engines with the right keywords. We make the website more user friendly so the user can help you gain the page authority and convert your user into leads.


Off-page SEO optimization includes all the jobs of leading traffic to your websites by thor party websites. We help you create and get backlinks by guest posting and getting your link the popularity it needs.

Local SEO

We help you rank on top when people search the Researched keyword in the location-related searches . If you have a physical location and you want to target the audience of the particular said area the local SEO can help you get leads and traffic.

Penguine Recovery

Without the proper awareness of SEO guidelines we might go against it which might result in us getting google penalties. We do thorough link cleaning and ON-page changes of your websites by eliminating all toxic links.

Content Writing

The quality of your content on your page should be great as Google algorithm selects just the important keywords from the content you have, our In-house content writing team helps you create unique keyword friendly content.

Wordpress SEO

Wordpress is a framework of every website where the content management is created, it helps in creating a good web design, user friendly. We help you develop your web by using the well renowned wordpress.

Ecommerce SEO

In the era of digital platforms and people buying every basic necessities through digitalisation we help the ecommerce website reach their potential users and help them get the target traffic be it locally or globally. We help the ecommerce website be easy to use so every kind of user can conveniently use the website.

Corporate Website SEO

Corporate world is huge in magnitude and so is the competition, to keep up with today’s generation ON page optimization is must as corporate websites have hundreds of webpage, User click on links which rank higher on websites, and with a good brand value we at Tekblink helps you achieve both in a very feasible way.

How We Work?

We work in such a way that you can be stress-free while we take care of your all SEO needs.



We after meeting our client have a brainstorm meeting where we understand, analyze, and get a clear vision of clients expectation and visions with a research of competitors strategy.



After meeting we try and come up with most efficient and feasible strategies for the client which can help them achieve their said vision and goals



After the strategy is made, we, with our expert panel, immediately execute the plan and try to achieve the goals as soon as we can.



After we reach our goal, we update on page optimization to maintain the gained position on SERP.

Best SEO Experts in Pune

Our amazing SEO team, which is always ready to handle any crtical project.


Project Going On


Happy Customers


Dedicated SEO Expert

Jeeten Kushwaha

Jeeten Kushwaha


Managing And Leading Our SEO Team from more than 8+Years.

Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma


He is best at Handling Project's with Expertise. And Guide Teams to Get Desired Results.




Executing And Handling all On-Page and Off-page Projects of Different Niches.

Muskan Kothari

Muskan Kothari

Content Writer

Her Writing Skills Are Marvellous. Her aritcles are user friendly with good points.

Search engine optimization task we perform.

On Page SEO

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Tags Insertion
  • Content Wring
  • Sitemap correction & implementation
  • Speed optimization
  • Screaming frog report correction
  • Content check
  • Lading Page Optimization
  • Schema Tag
  • Google Search Console Set up & Error correction
  • Fixing dead link
  • Posting on blog
  • Keyword Proximity
  • Redirecting dead link
  • Cross Canonical
  • Modifiers
  • robots.txt file creation and optimization
  • Setting up URL parameter
  • Canonical check & implementation
  • Domain Suggestion
  • Posting on blog
  • Posting on blog


  • Google business listing
  • Claiming Business listing
  • Optimizing listing
  • Bing Map submission
  • Bing map correction
  • NAP Consistency
  • Listing management suggestion
  • Talk to Google support for listing
  • Listing on third party website
  • Listing description
  • Setting up google image
  • Suggestion as per update
  • Review Answer
  • Complain for false review
  • Reputation management
  • Generating link for reviews
  • Content writing on third party website while map listing
  • Listing on only on good website
  • Keyword insertion on listing
  • Removing duplicate map listing
  • Local citation building
  • Correcting error in map listing
  • Management of Google business

“Tekblink helped me to increase my website reach and sales from last 5 years. I’m really grateful to meet Tekblink”

Vivek khaushik

Dolphy India

“To Win the Race, You have to Patient. I learned this at Tekblink. Getting Online Success is not over Night Game. Large number of increase in the rate of sales on my website, Is Because i was giving time to get results.”

Anil Raj

Textile Export

“Really great place to increase reach and traffic of your business. And the team is really supportive and I have experienced that Tekblink is the Best Digital Marketing Company.”

Rahul Ahir


“After working with many seo companies i found Tekblink. A really great team and very in-depth knowledge of business. I must say, if you are looking for SEO Services then consult Tekblink.”

Saurav Jain


“For a long time tekblink has had my website for SEO and they are continuously proving results for my Website.”


Cygnux SoftTech

“After meeting Mr.Jeeten, I was secure that i don't have to worry about my website's ranking and it's traffic. From that Day till now, We are working together.”

Ritesh Mehta

Red & White Multimedia Education


Every company needs customer acquisition, be it a small business or a large enterprise, and in the digital generation an online presence of your existence is essential. But having hundreds of competitors, how do you think you’ll rank higher on those search engines? SEO (search engine optimization) is what can help you get genuine and organic traffic to your website, about 57% clicks on weblinks come through organic links whereas 15% come through paid ADs,10x clicks on each website is from SEO organic ranking. Paid ADs is going to bring users only until you keep on paying whereas SEO keeps on bringing traffic. With the rapid increase in digital marketing, why choose Tekblink Technology? Because we provide the best SEO services in pune from the past eight years with retained clients without any complaint raised. We try our best to give beyond the expectation of our clients. We give them hassle free work.

We keep them timely updated about the work, with transparent work space and give them the said result with given time. We work more on ON and OFF page optimization because they help the most in getting higher ranking. Our expertise is in local SEO, ecommerce SEO and corporate SEO. We try our best to understand clients' vision and expectation to form our strategies to work upon. Not just locally we are providing services globally with some entrusted existing clients we never looked back on.

Tekblink Technology has a professional team of SEO experts with years of experience, we always stay in contact with your company’s developer to work in a transparent and efficient way, our CEO cross-checks every project and is available round the clock to answer your queries. We work with no hidden charges giving you clear billing options and work with a money back guarantee. We keep your websites always updated with latest Search engine algorithm and SEO techniques

Importance of SEO for Growing Your Business

If you personally want to buy something and you search it on the internet, how many times do you click on websites with “Ad” in front of them? Exactly , so why do you think those pay per click methods are going to help you gain traffic and business? Organic search results are more trustworthy as per customers and getting organic higher ranking is very simple with a right SEO expert handling your digital marketing.

The better your SEO is the more clicks you’ll get as people click on links with higher organic ranking, which will help you increase in impression of your website, impressions can only be increased by having an efficient backhand web design and development done by a SEO expert.You can also find us at Seo Company In Mumbai, We provide our services in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, And Surat. The better your relevance in keyword, quality and content which obviously done by SEO expert can bring you a huge web traffic.

How We Help you to Grow Your Business

Who doesn’t like to rank first be it in your class, a race or on a search engine, because no one cares who came fourth or fifth but the good thing is on search engine you'll be valued even if you rank 10th as the search engine pages included top 10 websites according to their backlinks, quality content, and who meet their guideline We with our Expert panel helps you science your goal with efficiency.