Anybody can go and remain wherever they want. Some countries have an Apostille method for the same, while some international locations require attestation procedures before welcoming visitors. A process of certification known as attestation involves the verification of all personal and professional certificates by officials from both the home country and the destination country. 

Importance of Apostille services in India 

Every certificate necessary for immigration must undergo authentication from the nation where it was issued, which is a time-consuming process. To simplify this process, some nations joined the Hague Convention, which eliminates the need for additional legalization from embassies after an Apostille stamp.

The process of having certificates verified, authenticated, and legalized by the relevant government departments of the recipient’s home nation is known as apostille attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), a Central Government Department, is the main agency in India that gives the Apostille attestation seal. An apostille authenticates and legalizes a certificate’s qualifications, making it valid and recognized in nations that have ratified the Hague Convention. Over 110 nations currently recognize the Apostille stamp and are members of the Apostille convention.

India is a party to the Apostille Convention as well. Only one of the convention’s other member nations will recognize an Apostille stamp from another member nation. After the documents have received an Apostille attestation, there is no longer a need for an Embassy attestation. An apostille is a sticker stamp that attests to the legalization of certificates and guarantees their validity as valid documents everywhere in the world. The MEA attaches the Apostille stamp, which is a square computer-generated stamp, to the back of the certificate or paper in question.

Document Apostille in India

Documents in India are divided into three categories and these categories and each category follow a different process that is as follows: 

  • Academical Documents, such as diplomas, degrees, HSC and SSC transcripts, etc.
  • Personal Documents, such as PCCs, medical certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and birth certificates.
  • Commercial Documents include Power of Attorney forms, bank statements, company invoices, product lists, etc.

The process for obtaining an Apostille services in India depends on the sort of certificate you need it for and the reason you are visiting a Hague member nation. If you’re applying for employment or starting a business, you’ll need an apostille on your degree certificate to prove your credentials. To be admitted to a school or college overseas, a student must also have their degree certificate apostille attested.

Certificate Apostille in India

The Apostille certificate verifies the signature was authorized and that the paper should be accepted as valid in another member state without the need for additional proof. A Hague Convention partner state is any nation that has ratified it. Many nations that have not ratified the Convention also accept Apostille Certificates.

Apostille Process in India 

The process to be followed depends on the sort of certificate, whether you need an Apostille Marriage Certificate India, a degree certificate, or a power of attorney.

Academicals Certificates

  • Notarization
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) Department Authentication, Issuing State
  • MEA Apostille Legalisation

Personal Certificates

  • Notarization
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ GAD/ Home Department Authentication, Issuing State
  • MEA Apostille Legalisation

Commercial Documents

  • Respective Chamber of Commerce Authentication
  • MEA Apostille Legalisation

Time taken for Apostille services in India? 

Within two to three working days after we receive your paperwork and money, we hope to issue your Apostille certificate. Depending on the delivery service you purchase, delivery times may vary. Typically, after we receive your papers, you will get your Apostille certificate within a week.